About Dr. Sheilajoy, PhD


I am passionate about helping people move from stress and anxiety to a peaceful and abundant state of mind. This is the way life should be led. We are no longer meant to just survive, but to thrive. Everyone deserves a happy and abundant life.

I am passionate about anxiety and stress relief, inner peace, and spirituality. I stand out from other life coaches due to my extensive background in nutrition, wellness health wealth, and. I have my doctoral degree in transformation life coach. What I love about transformation life coaching is the client is viewed as whole and complete just the way they are.

Everyone is capable of reaching their dreams. Everyone has brilliance and power inside of them. I help my clients reach their own brilliance and power. Your Highest Light provides positive mindset and manifestation coaching empowering women, men, boys, and girls to move from fear and anxiety to peace, happiness, and abundance!

My services help clients turn their lives around from negative habits and negative mindsets to living life as it should be led, with happiness and abundance!

My coaching is client-directed and based on clients' needs. I have been doing this for almost twenty years. I have a deep background in coping with anxiety, meditation, and spirituality.