Packages & Pricing


Free Consultation!

If you have any questions about whether this system is right for you, do not hesitate to schedule your FREE 15 MINUTE discussion by phone.


Emerald Package

• Dr. Sheila’s Transforming Coaching sessions are $125.00 per hour. Save $51.00 with a Two hour coaching session - Cost $199!

• Two hour long private phone or Zoom session

• Identify the patterns/things that are keeping you stuck

• Transforming with Dr. Sheilajoy begins to lay the foundation for your personalized plan. This session will help you see what it is like to work with me.


Ruby Package

• Dr. Sheilajoy also has a 4-session package for $399.00.  This is a $101.00 savings from buying 4 individual sessions.

• 4 Private Phone or Zoom Transforming Coaching sessions (45 minutes each) with a Transforming coach.  

• Work together to gain clarity of what you are working to accomplish or get one special topic training session

• Four weeks or 4 sessions of one on one Transformation Coaching


Sapphire Package

• You will work with Dr. Sheilajoy Transformation Coach for 2 months

• 8 Private One-on-One phone sessions (up to 60 minutes each with Transformation coach)

• Dr. Sheilajoy’s offer an 8-session package for $750.00.  This is a $250.00 savings from buying 8 individual sessions.

• Two - 10 minute short phone sessions - You would use these sessions when you have a quick question or two

• We help you build and develop a solid plan

• Will share with you tools and activities that may help improve your life

• Ask questions and will receive personalized answers of your Transformation coaching session

• Coaching session valid for 6 months from the booking date to complete package

Payments plans are available!



Diamond Package

• 18 One-on-One phone or Zoom sessions (can run from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes each) by a coach. Your cost $1,875.00.  Save $375.00 over 18 individual sessions, regularly $2,250.00!

• 10 short “Emergency” One-on-One phone sessions (10 minutes each). You will use these phone or Zoom sessions when you have a question or two or you're just feeling stuck!

• We help you build and develop a solid plan and help you carry it through

• Ask questions and get personalized answers

• You will have the ability to call Dr. Sheilajoy coach anytime between 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, should anything important comes up

• Unlimited access for the length of your coaching session

• Get help on how to: manage stress, time management, create balance, have a good family life, how to lose weight OR whatever area you need help in. Your Transformation coach will be there to help you work and progress in those areas you are working to succeed in.

• You will receive coaching, encouragement, be held accountable, and get step by step feedback on your personalized plan

• Transformation Coaching session valid for 12 months from the booking date to complete package

• This package can be customized for your needs. This is a 6 month package. To help you accomplish some major goals

Payment plans are available!



• Minimum 5 people but no more than 15 people required to conduct a group session.

• Dr. Sheilajoy’s group session will be $45.00 per person, can either be done by conference call phone or in person if location is in the same city as the life coach.

• Group sessions can be on unlimited good health, unlock your wealth and abundance, weight releasing, fitness, parenting, relationship or anything else about life

• Group session will be up to 1.5 hours long. Feel free to contact me for more details.