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Sessions can be focused on working towards general wellness or targeted to address specific physical or emotional issues.

A fundamental part of my energy healing practice is the important addition of an intuitive assessment conducted prior to the commencement of each session.

This includes the clearing of any external negative influences affecting your emotional body at the time. This pre-assessment is conducted remotely and it is not necessary for you to attend. Doing this expands our understanding of your issue and will result in a speeding up of your healing process.

You can see The Body and Emotion Code, and Nutrition Response Testing charts as I use them during our energy healing session

Choose your session:

In-person session -  If you live in my area     Telephone or Skype session -  I have clients all over the world.

Cancellations: Please be aware when booking & paying for your session, that I require at least 24-hours advance notification of a cancellation – else you will be charged for the session.

Please talk to me if you have financial concerns—I will never turn anyone away who is truly committed to their own healing.


If you have any questions about whether this therapy is right for you, do not hesitate to schedule your FREE 15 MINUTE consultation by phone or by Skype.


What should my clients know about my services and their prices?

My coaching sessions are $120.00 per hour.

Contact me for special package pricing!

Select from the following sessions:

Twenty session package for $2,400.00

Twelve session package for $1,400

8 session package for $960.00 

4 session package for $480.00


Children (18 and under)

Discount $65.00 of $120 - $54.99

Children 12 and under get an additional $5 off - $49.99

Pets / Animals

Discount $60.00 off $120 - $59.99

Animals with trapped emotions can be released just as a human would – there is essentially no difference in the technique used.  All correspondence will be done via email.  Animal sessions are 30 minutes long.

Referral Discount

20% off any session or package when you refer a friend and they schedule their first session.


All packages can be made to fit your specific needs and goals.  For example, "90 days to the New You", whether your goal is weight loss, overall health, fertility, depression, or any other.