Letter of Recommendation for Dr. Sheila Wilkins


To Whom It May Concern,

I delight in this opportunity to recommend my dear friend, Dr. Sheila Wilkins PhD, for a Certified Practitioner of Emotion Code.  I’ve known Dr. Sheila for sixteen years and can attest to her unlimited faith and compassion toward living a balanced life in mind body and spirit. Dr. Sheila lives her life with highest regard to God and scripture, not solely for her benefit, but for the well-being of all natural sources: earth, animals and people. Dr. Sheila’s style is natural.  She is quick to develop rapport and make a safe and welcoming space for healing to occur.

Dr. Sheila and I met in 2002 at a thirteen month intensive Therapeutic Coaching training program at the Meta Institute in Minneapolis.  Sheila traveled from Chicago each month and stayed at my house during class weekends.  Whether we were cooking, walking or studying, the essence of our time together was mindfulness and healing.  I cherish our friendship, which encompasses healing in the heart of it.  I don’t know many people like Sheila who bring the goodness of life to all aspects of living. 

I recognize in Sheila a quest for learning, and growing ever closer to Truth.  Following the coaching program in Minneapolis, she went out to Arizona to get her PhD in Life Coaching.  Now that she is a student of Emotion Code I sense she is really stepping in to her stride.  The way Dr. Sheila describes Emotion Code training to me is by saying how much fun it is, and by expressing how much fun she is having working with people and animals.  Anyone who hires Dr. Sheila as their coach will discover there is fun and joy involved in taking care of life situations.    

Dr. Sheila worked with me this winter while I was experiencing both emotional and physical pain.  Within two phone sessions my pain was gone!  Each time we worked together, Dr.  Sheila opened the session so beautifully and carefully with prayer, vowing to be the conduit for God’s healing graces, and also exuding tremendous amounts of strength and dedication as witness to the release of my discomfort and dis-ease.

Because of all of Dr. Sheila’s faith, talents, coaching skills, and vested interests in healing, I ask that you credit her with the Certification of Completion in Emotion Code.    It will guarantee her to go on having fun with the healing which comes of her practice, for the planet, and all living beings within it.

With Very Kind Regard, Sarah Elizabeth

Dr. Sheila Wilkins has been great in helping me deal with my stress and anxiety with a holistic approach. She is very professional and very helpful in providing a new way to deal with negativity and stress.   

Antonio T. , Rockford, IL.

Dr. Sheila Joy is my life coach and I wish to sing her praises because she has done something for me, three doctors and a cardiac surgeon could not. I have suffered from extremely bad foot and leg cramps! I'm talking about the kind that that keep me up all night. I discovered there are some foods my body can no longer tolerate. I'm talking about the kind that kept me walking the floor all night long; and they were getting worse. Through my cousin, I now pay close attention to what I eat. When I cramp, I know exactly what caused it and eliminate it from my diet. I am 68 1/2 years old, but my future is much brighter because of her careful analysis. May God continue to bless you Dr. Sheila Joy, because you have been are such a blessing to me.   

Dora L. Blain, Livonia, Michigan

In July, 2017, I agreed to use Dr. Sheila Joy’s service to help me with the detoxification of my lymphatic system. Dr. Sheila Joy put together a program for me to follow using various kind of herbs, and foods along with scriptures to mediate on daily. The result was amazing. Her program transformed my body as well as my mind. It gave me clarity of my thoughts, discipline over what I put in my body and mind. Prior to using Dr. Sheila Joy’s program, I had been diagnosed as having abnormal cells in my right breast, her program cleared all abnormal cells from my breast. I am thankful and blessed to have used Dr. Sheila’s program. I would highly recommend Dr. Sheila’s program to anyone in need of a transformation of their body and mind.   

Louise M Stringer, Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Sheila is a life coach with passion. She has a passion for educating individuals about the mind, body and spirit connection that is so important in being the best you and achieving your desired goals.   

S.W. , Hoffman Estates, IL.

“All Things Are Possible”

I didn’t actually discover the company “All Things Are Possible”, Dr. Sheila Joy and I have been friends for over 15 years, before the conception of “All Things Are Possible”. Our Friendship has grown over the years and in that time I feel I can say we have developed a trust and understanding for one another. I am very grateful she is in my life. We began to spend time with one another, talking about our current happenings, not so much as a counseling/ guide just being there for one another when needed. You ask what problem I was looking to solve, I‘ve been having some financial woes, I didn’t feel 100% of what I could feel, I was feeling sluggish, weak and a number of other things( just not feeling myself, know what I mean?) I felt, I could be doing much better, I had no drive, very much disinterested. I didn’t choose this company, because we were friends, after a discussion with Dr. Sheila Joy decided she could help me.

I could honestly say, the greatest benefits I received from “All Things Are Possible” Once Dr. Sheila Joy put together my personal program and with her help, I worked that program, I started to see results. I began to feel one hundred percent better. My energy has returned, I don’t have trouble sleeping any longer, I taken the advice and worked it into my daily life and I noticed it is a world of difference. My financial situation has improved tremendously, and I don’t worry as much. To work with All Thing Are Possible, It was really an easy going experience, nothing to be nervous about, and I think anyone and everyone seeking help will come away with a different experience, Mine was a positive one, I would recommend her to anyone in need. My experience was as follows: There was a scheduled meeting in a private setting (no distractions) couple of phone calls and Dr. Sheila Joy and I came up with a strategy to get rid of my issues. A few days later I began to feel and see some difference. So grateful to her.

Well whenever I would need her she would find the time to return my call, she would give up her personal time, to contact me, and pray with me. I would recommend anyone to this company because when dealing with Dr. Sheila Joy, you will feel a personal connection with her, which will allow you to be open and honest with her so she could get to the problem. The core values, now this kind of goes without saying, With God All Things Are Possible, but with Dr. Sheila Joy, she reinforces, reminds you, she provides you with this shield that can withstand anything.   

Shyrlene Chile, Hoffman Estates, IL

I love children! I've been caring for children since I was 10 years old. November 2018 I got tested!!! DCFS took my 4 babies I was caring for because of paperwork they forgot to take care of! The lady who had them taken from me had a friend in the office of DCFS! She felt that she had hit the jackpot and had NO intentions of letting them go! Thank God I had my Life Coach Dr. Sheila! She was my saving Grace! Dr. Sheila Joy’s kept a level head and she kept me grounded! She reminded me that God had the last and FINAL word! Also, she gave me some powerful tools to work with and I applied them, and 31/2 months later DCFS gave me my babies back! I was so Grateful and Overjoyed! Having a Life Coach has changed my life for the better! ! I was lost and felt hopeless! I know I couldn't have gotten through this without Dr.Sheila Joy's guidance and help!!!! I Love You Dr. Sheila Joy’s !!!!! You are the Best!!!   

Michelle W. , Rockton IL.

I've been working with a life coach for 3 years and it's the best decision I could have made! Whenever you get off track, Dr. Sheila Joy’s is there to remind me and keep me on the right track! She is always a joy to work with. She listens and she doesn't judge me. She empowers me! I have accomplished so much while working with her. I've gained employment, a home, new car and she helped me eat and live a much healthier lifestyle! My whole life is better now. Dr. Sheila is a very Powerful Women that is very knowledgeable and very capable of helping you with life and reaching your goals. I Thank God for Blessing with her each day. Many Blessings to You Dr. Sheila Joy’s.   

Pamela K. , Los Angeles CA.

I'm a single Mom of 6. I was on the Section 8 program and unemployed. I heard about life coaches and I was curious. I started working with Dr. Sheila Joy in the year 2000. She asked me what did I want to manifest? I didn't have a clue! I said something I knew couldn't or wouldn't happen, I said I want a 4-5 bedroom home, with a family room and some patio furniture. Well I'm HAPPY to say in November of 2001 I moved into my 5-bedroom home, with a family room! And YES, some Patio furniture!!! She really transformed my Life! I even lead a healthier lifestyle too!!! You can't go wrong while working with such an Amazing and Gifted Coach!!!! May many Blessings always flow in your life!!! Thanks for transforming my Life in such a Remarkable way!!!!   

Audrey T. , Rockford IL.

My Testimony

My journey with Dr. Sheila Joy’s began at our 45th Class Reunion picnic the summer of 2018. I remembered her face from Saginaw High School's attendance office, where she worked as a student clerk, but now she's much smaller. She peaked my interest while we conversed on the topic of health. I shared with her that I had switched to being Vegan. That day my journey with her began, even before I set any appointments with her. I had already made drastic changes in my life concerning my health. But, Dr. Sheila shared with me other important information to add to my regimen and to enhance what I was already doing. Learning that "food is medicine and medicine is food!" Learning that everything I put in my temple affects my temple in many ways. Learning what foods that will help and harm my body temple has been a major "plus" in my life. I give all glory and praise to God for the divine "hook-up" with Dr. Sheila Joy that day. With the info she shared with me my temple is on its way to the way God designed it to be. Along with the Word of God, divine affirmations, healthy menus, adding the correct supplements, vitamins and minerals, correct exercise to my regimen, my temple has gone from feeling ok to feeling much better. Again on it's way back to functioning in the perfection in which my heavenly Father created it to function. My journey with Dr. Sheila Joy began October 2018. As of today, December 20, 2018, my temple has released 13lbs. Hallelujah!!! As I go forward my goal is to release more pounds and inches in or order and by direction of the Holy Spirit working through Dr. Sheila Joy   

Ophelia C., Saginaw, IL.